Latex care

If you would like to enjoy your latex clothing for a long time, then it’s vital to take good care of it! Here are a few things you should know.

1. About

All Arthur Avellano’s garment are made from pure natural Latex.

Natural Latex foam is made from rubber tree sap, which is also called rubber serum. After the serum is collected, the trees' bark heals rapidly. Rubber trees can yield latex for as long as 30 years.

Our Latex is treated to become hypoallergenic, it makes it more resistant in time and easier to take care.

Latex is a good alternative to leather.

2. wash it

Thanks to the treatment we apply on our Latex, you can wash your garment in the washing machine at 40°C with a dose of WonderWash product.

3. Take Care

Latex is like a second skin that need special care.

Household oils, mechanical oils, greases and solvents can cause serious damage on your latex garments, you should keep it away!

Extreme heat will melt the latex. (Radiators, candles etc.)

Sunlight will cause discoloration! Especially light colors and transparent will easily stain! Do not expose latex for a long period into sunlight!

Water and high humidity will destroy and discolor the latex. Latex is a natural product and reacts like that, it will rot! So keep it dry and give it enough time to dry after you washed it!

Metal including hanger, pennies, etc. will stain the latex! Avoid ugly spots and keep the latex away from it!

Sharp objects including long fingernails can easy cause holes or rip your latex garment. Just be careful when you put on your clothing!

Apply each six months WonderCare product to nourish your garment!

Store it in clothing bag, especially light and transparent colors, on a wood or plastic hanger. Avoid metal hanger.

4. Shine It

To give your clothes a shimmering shine, spread small amounts of Wondershine on the latex and work it carefully into the material with a soft sponge or a lint-free microfibre cloth. So you not only polish the surface, but also freed it from powder and dirt residues.